[Global Game Jam 2021 Entry, Theme: Lost &  Found]

You might not know this, but when your socks get lost in the washer, they end up in a parallel world known as the SOCK DIMENSION. While it's a pretty chill spot, the socks that end up there are missing their match! And what's worse, they'll never see the insides of a dryer, leaving them all soggy.

Thankfully, one inhabitant of the SOCK DIMENSION, The #1 Fan, has taken it upon itself to vanquish sogginess and act as matchmaker all at the same time.

As the #1 Fan, dry the wet socks and guide them to their Solemate!

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Tags2D, Arcade, Global Game Jam


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would love to try this. as soon as itch fixes their site that is...

Another masterpiece by Dexter himself! HighScore: 2310